The main goal was to get Mike Schreiner elected in Guelph. Our team acknowledged this is out of our control. We did however recognize that in order to support that goal, we want to help change the perception people had about the party. We want voters to believe: this is not a wasted vote, when they got to the ballot box.

To be perceived as electable, the party was looking for: a new logo with brand guide and a video that captured Mike’s story. To keep this short, we knew that we had a few obstacles to work around; some of which we could change, others were out of our control. By making subtle tweaks to the brand, it allowed the Green Party team to use the guidelines without the fear of immediate, drastic change.


  • We couldn’t change the name Green (which paints them as a one issue party), so we introduced a new colour.
  • We encouraged the team to use the brand colours interchangeably (e.g. logo in white can sit on a blue background, not just green).
  • The colours we chose helped support the existing brand while representing Guelph (and most city brands). I wanted the brand to look like it belonged in the city of Guelph. It also pairs well with Mike’s background as a business owner.
  • The party wanted to stay connected to the look of the BC Greens, so we chose a timeless font that kept the round type, while being accessible: Avenir Next.
  • The icon was simplified to create something solid. It’s a foundation for the perception of being electable that voters can take seriously. A trillium in the square of a voting box.