Toronto Rock

Shoot a media day with a “rock show” theme.

  • Build a “rock stage” as a station during media day
  • Incorporate props that cut well with lacrosse actions
  • Build player confidence to emulate a rockstar attitude


Show the personalities who work behind the scenes on hearing aids.

  • Interview Unitron employees about their love for what they do
  • Create a relaxed environment on set
  • Print a custom branded backdrop for “Behind the Sounds”

Ginger Goat

Ginger Goat began in 2021 as a single-flavour hot sauce company making an appearance on Hot Ones season 15.

Brand Ginger Goat and as a fun hot sauce that can live within the Hot Ones universe.

Ginger Goat has since expanded their flavour lineup and landed deals in major grocery store chains across Canada.

Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen is a staple ramen restaurant in the GTA. Facing the obvious challenges during COVID, Crafty Ramen pivoted to “at-home ramen kits” which scaled their product in a safe way.

Introduce Crafty Ramen’s at-home products while celebrating a simple love for food & community.

Crafty Ramen pitched their “at home” kits on Dragon’s Den and landed a deal with Arlene Dickinson.